Giveaway Bot

A simple giveaway Discord bot.

Bot Features


Giveaway Bot is a super fast bot! But just because it's fast doesn't mean there is less quality!


All information that Giveaway Bot collects is never, and I repeat NEVER released or sold to anyone.

Happy Users

Giveaway Bot supports family-friendly content in a supportive, encouraging, and positive environment.


Total Servers


Total Users

All Commands

,help - gives help with all the commands!
,create - create giveaway!
,start - start giveaway!
,drop - create drop giveaway!
,edit - edit an already running giveaway!
,end - end an already running giveawya
,list - show all the running giveaways!
,pause - pause an already going giveaway!
,reroll reroll an ended giveaway!
,resume - resume a paused giveaway!